Chris Paulk 

As the Director of the Automated Fabrication & Design Lab (AKA "The Ranch"), Chris finds it to be a great honor working with excellent students, faculty, and staff from the Texas A&M and the surrounding community. He strives to treat every new project with the same level of attention and detail as the next. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple CNC job, a tiny house project, the boiler to a Civil War gun boat, or a fully engineered decontamination unit, he believes in applying the same level of professionalism to every project. In regards to the future, his plans are to continue to grow the lab as the premier prototype engineering and development lab for TAMU. He hopes that the current expansion will double the assembly space so he can continue to provide students with a technically rich environment, where they can develop and refine their engineering, design, and technical skills while working on real-world projects. Chris's favorite sport is anything with a big engine that exceeds the speed limit (offroad of course). "My spirit animal is a Tiger - at least that’s what the online quiz said that Chioma made me take." -Chris Paulk

“Respect isn’t given, it’s earned; And once lost, it can never be returned.”


Student Workers

 Armando Gonzalez-Feuchter | Junior Aerospace Engineering

Armando is a sophomore aerospace engineering student from El Paso, Texas. With a specialty in electronics and wireless communications, he spends most of his free time with the Texas A&M Sounding Rocketry Team developing avionics for hybrid engine rocket flight. One of his defining philosophies includes always being prepared with tools everywhere he goes and being able to work and find solutions with what is available at hand. Armando is interested in working in the aerospace industry after graduation with the over-arching goal of one day becoming an astronaut. His spirit animal would be a racoon, because they are resourceful, scrappy, and can find useful stuff in other people’s garbage bins.

“They used to say that if Man was meant to fly, he’d have wings. But he did fly. He discovered he had to.” – Captain James T. Kirk


 Link Wilkes | Sophomore 

Link Wilkes is from Sundown, Texas (near Lubbock) and grew up on a family farm. He is currently going to Blinn College in Bryan, Texas and plans on transferring into the Construction Science program at Texas A&M. His career goal is to become an upper level management employee for any kind of construction or sub contract company. He enjoys being with friends and family, but his favorite type of scene is the outdoors doing activities such as hunting, fishing, and any type of competitive sport. During his free timehe enjoys pick-up games of football and basketball mainly because he's trying not to gain the freshman 15.


Luis Ernesto Martinez Junior Aerospace Engineer

This Fall is Luis’s first semester working out at The Ranch, and he’s eager to get his hands dirty and learn the most he can. He’s most excited about working with all the different machines and equipment that The Ranch has to offer. Aside from working here and studying as a full-time engineering student, he spends most of his time with the Texas A&M Sounding Rocketry Team learning from hands on experience the ins and outs of rocket design and manufacturing.

“If you never did you should. These things are fun. And fun is good” – Dr. Seuss 


Ryan Kraus | Senior Mechanical Engineering

Howdy, my name is Ryan Kraus and I am a senior Mechanical engineering major at Texas A&M University. I’ve worked at the Ranch since I began college and have acquired numerous fabrication skills that have been directly applicable to my major. My future aspirations include completing my bachelors of science in mechanical engineering, obtaining either an MBA or a Master’s of Science in Engineering, and eventually working in industry and starting a family. My favorite sport is baseball, but my favorite professional sport team is the San Antonio Spurs. My spirit animal is definitely an Elk because I love being outdoors.

My favorite quote is Matthew 28:19: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.