Staff Summer 2015


Chris Paulk 

As the Director of the Automated Fabrication & Design Lab (AKA "The Ranch"), Chris finds it to be a great honor working with excellent students, faculty, and staff from the Texas A&M and the surrounding community. He strives to treat every new project with the same level of attention and detail as the next. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple CNC job, a tiny house project, the boiler to a Civil War gun boat, or a fully engineered decontamination unit, he believes in applying the same level of professionalism to every project. In regards to the future, his plans are to continue to grow the lab as the premier prototype engineering and development lab for TAMU. He hopes that the current expansion will double the assembly space so he can continue to provide students with a technically rich environment, where they can develop and refine their engineering, design, and technical skills while working on real-world projects. Chris's favorite sport is anything with a big engine that exceeds the speed limit (offroad of course). "My spirit animal is a Tiger - at least that’s what the online quiz said that Chioma made me take." -Chris Paulk

“Respect isn’t given, it’s earned; And once lost, it can never be returned.”


Student Workers


Alexander Richter | Freshman Engineering 

This fall is Alex's first semester working at The Ranch, but he hopes to learn everything he can about the machines and software at The Ranch, as well as the design process. He plans on graduating from Texas A&M as an Engineering major. He is undecided about what he wants to do, but he would like to get an MBA and own a business.  Alex played almost every sport in high school, but he enjoys basketball, soccer, and football the most. He is a huge fan of anything Aggie as well as the Houston Rockets and Texans. 

"If your're not first, you're last". -Ricky Bobby


Chioma Amako | Graduate Student -Public Health

Chioma is a second year Masters of Public Health degree candidate in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. She started working at The Ranch in summer 2016. She has not worked on any projects yet but is looking forward to learning a lot throughout her time at The Ranch. The laser is her favorite equipment to work with. Chioma loves the teamwork displayed at The Ranch on a daily basis and how everyone brings their creatively into action. Upon completion of her Masters degree, she plans to intern with the World Health Organization to gain knowledge in global health and eventually, become a physician. She plans to join Doctors Without Borders to assist under-privileged regions medically. English Football (AKA Soccer) is her second religion and her favorite team is Manchester United.  She also enjoys tennis and equestrian sports. Chioma's spirit animal is the cheetah because she tends to bolt when she sees an opportunity.

"With self-displine most anything is possible". -Theodore Roosevelt


Jacob Smith | Senior Agricultural Systems Management 

"Jake" is a Senior Agricultural Systems Management major from Waller, Texas.  He enjoys taking on challenging tasks and having that sense of accomplishment when a project is completed. He hopes to take the skills that he learns here at the ranch and apply them to his future career in the Agricultural industry.   Within the next five years, Jake hopes to graduate from Texas A&M and be able to get a stable career, settle down, buy some land, and establish a family.  In his spare time,  he loves spending time in the outdoors whether it’s out playing sports, hunting, fishing, wakeboarding or riding trails on his ATV. His spirit animal is a Donkey because he has a keen sense of curiosity. 

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am you God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10


 Jacob Pasket | Junior Mechanical Engineering 

Jacob is a senior Mechanical Engineering Student. He has worked on all projects that have been held since he started working at the Ranch. However, his favorite was the Vet decontamination unit. Jacob plans to pursue a career in the aerospace industry and hopes to one-day build rockets. He is a huge Aggie Football fan, and he likes the Rockets because he likes Rockets. In his opinion, the best thing about the Ranch is the great experience and family atmosphere found there as well as Mitchell’s hair.

"Shoot for the Moon if you miss, you will end up in the Stars, or Mars everyone likes Mars."


Luke Fangue |Senior Environmental Design

Luke is a Senior Environmental Design major. Luke has worked on many projects during his time at The Ranch, but his favorite project was the Texas A&M Muster Corregidor Memorial. He enjoyed that this project gave him the opportunity to give back and be part of the most sacred tradition at A&M. His future goal is to be accepted into an accredited 2-year graduate program for a Master of Architecture. He hopes to be licensed as quickly as possible upon completing his degree. His favorite sport is anything involving Texas A&M, and can be found at Kyle Field or in Reed Arena supporting the football, basketball and volleyball teams.

"Jacob Pasket is my spirit animal because who does't want to be Jacob?" -Luke Fangue

"Painting is art to look at, sculpture is art you can walk around, and architecture is art you can walk through". -Dan Rice. 


Mason Jackson | Senior Environmental Design 

Mason, is a Senior Architecture major from Houston, Texas. He appreciates that The Ranch has provided him with an immense background in project construction and designs. He has worked on various projects including a wall installation for BBQ 13-0, Office expansion and remodeling, and a construction of a 500 sq.ft. house for USAA insurance. His future goals include getting into graduate school to become licensed and build skyscrapers. Mason's favorite sport is football, and he can be found representing the 12th man every Saturday at Kyle Field.


Matthew Boyd| Senior Construction Science  

Matt is a Senior Construction Science student from Waller, TX. Ever since his early years, he has always been interested in development, design, and fabrication. Matt’s experience ranges from management of a small chemical company to management of his own truck accessory business. Most recently, he worked as a superintendent for Harvey Builders of Houston, TX. Matt plans to return to Waller upon graduation in May 2017 to continue his construction career as a superintendent. In his spare time, you can find Matt at Lake Bryan wakeboarding and hanging out with friends. Like Jake, Matt’s spirit animal is also a donkey. 

"Of all spirit animals, Donkey is the sexiest". -Matt Boyd 


Michael McCall | Senior Engineering Technology 

Michael McCall is a Senior Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology major going on close to two years at The Ranch. He has seen many projects come through our doors. His favorites include the Vet Emergency Response Team’s Decontamination unit, the CRL Westfield Boiler, the USAA adjustable pitched roof trailer and tear-down building, and also the office expansion. As a senior, he is seriously looking forward to his last two semesters out here. After he graduates, he will be looking for a position in manufacturing, operations, or project engineering. Essentially, he wants to work anywhere that he can be involved in a more hands-on role as an engineer. In his free time, Michael enjoys fishing, baseball, and hunting, and his favorite sport's team is the Texas Rangers. His spirit animal is a bear, which implicates that he carries himself with strength while staying grounded.

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains” from the all-time classic movie, Bull Durham.


Mitchell Jackson | Senior Mechanical Engineering 

Mitchell is a Senior Mechanical Engineering major, Class of 2017. He has worked on multiple projects but his favorite project at The Ranch is the BBQ 13-0 Score board and trailer mount for the restaurant. This particular project he believes was something unique and was completely customized to the customer's particular desire. His future goals are to finish his Bachelors degree at Texas A&M and enter the oil and gas industry where he can continue to design equipment and technology for the Oil and Gas field. He stated that once he is financially secure, he would like to adopt a pet wolf named Ghost. He loves football and is a big fan of the Texas A&M football as well as the Texans. He claims that the best thing at the Ranch is the plasma cutter, which he refers to as the “Plazee”.

"My sprit animal would be the Red Ear Slider Turtle because that’s the only one you can buy at a pet store". -Mitchell Jackson

 “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!” –Author unknown, Mitchell. 


Ryan Kraus | Freshman Engineering

Ryan is a First year Engineering major from San Antonio, Texas. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to work at The Ranch because it is an amazing atmosphere to be in.  He looks forward to learning how to operate the machines and tools in addition to designing and creating finished products. Ryan hopes to gain enough experinece to build products that will assist him with his hunting adventures. His future aspirations include completing his bachelors of science in mechanical engineering, get his MBA, and eventually, establish a loving family. Ryan's favorite sport is baseball, and he is a huge San Antonio Spurs fan. According to Ryan, "My spirit animal is definitely an Elk because i love being outdoors". 

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the lord, not for human masters". -Colossians 3:23. 


Shelby Dittrich | Graduate Student-Architecture 

Shelby is a Career Change student in the College of Architecture. She graduated in 2015 with an English degree and now she is looking to get her Master's in Architecture. She just started working at the ranch this August, but she is looking forward to working with the CNC machines and learning to weld. She hopes to learn anything and everything she can while working here. Her life goals include starting her own architecture firm, traveling as much as possible, and hiking in her free time. She loves college football and looks forward to cheering on the Aggies every fall.

"Trust in the lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowlege him, and he will make your path straight". -Proverbs 3:5-6


Travis Rehkemper | Senior Construction Science 

Travis is a Construction Science student from Wylie, Texas. Most of his experience is in residential construction, including the construction of the tiny houses at the Architecture Ranch, and field supervision for History Maker Homes. Upon graduating,  He plans to pursue a career in project management for a mechanical or electrical contractor. During his spare time, Travis enjoys wakeboarding, spending time with friends, and listening to music. He looks forward to constructing large-scale prototypes at the ranch as well as teaching his peers how to use the ranch tools and machines properly. His spirit animal is a Buffalo because he loves to be challenged and aims at getting things done irrespective of obstacles.